About the Your School project

Hundreds of data points are compiled by the State Department of Education – but they are released piecemeal and not organized in any one place. That's why we created Your School. Search for your school and see how it's doing.

Some notes:

Similar schools: Many categories compare a school to "similar schools." We used what are called "District Reference Groups" to group schools based on socioeconomic status and student needs, among other factors. CT Voices for Children, a New Haven based advocacy group has a good explainer on what goes into calculating DRGs, which is available here.

Why more than test scores: A lot of attention has been paid to test scores. But test scores aren't the only important indicator of the strength of a school. We included the raw test scores, but we also included the percentage of students who improved their test scores as they moved from grade-to-grade.

This tool was developed by Data Editor Jake Kara with the help of education reporter Jacqueline Rabe Thomas. Send questions or comments to jkara@ctmirror.org and jrabe@ctmirror.org

This is the second version of the Your School database. The original is still online, archived here.