Why is some data missing?

This database is a work in progress, and it doesn’t have every data point for for every school — here are some reasons why:

1. It doesn’t exist: SAT scores won’t exist for an elementary school, and SBAC scores won’t exist for high schools for years since high school students started taking the SAT instead. Sometimes schools close or open, so they might not be in the data for a given year, too.

2. It does exist, but it’s not public: Data relating to very small groups of students is sometimes suppressed by the state for privacy concerns, since the data is supposed to be anonymous. Spreadsheets that come from the state’s EdSight data portal (http://edsight.ct.gov), have lots of N/A and asterisks where numbers should be. This data suppression is especially common of race and ethnicity groups that have very small populations in a given school.

3. It does exist, but we couldn’t get it into our database: In order to combine all of these data sets from different sources into one profile for Your School, we had to match schools based on the school’s name, the district, and special numeric codes the state uses whenever the data sets had them. We rely on automated techniques to match these different data sets, and sometimes a small number of schools can’t be matched up.

Help us out

If there’s data on a particular school you think we’ve missed, first check EdSight to see if it's there. If there is data and it's not in our database, or if you're unable to check, please send an email to jkara@ctmirror.org.

In the coming weeks we will publish all of our raw and transformed data, and all of the automated scripts we wrote to encourage folks to check our work, find mistakes, and use it as a basis for their own work. When that is fully documented, it will be posted here.